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I flew to Louisiana and went offshore fishing with my two good buddies, Casey and captain Blake. We were fishing on a 365 tie line and our goal was to catch monster, yellowfin tuna, but before we can start catching tuna, we had to catch bait.

So we went out of the pass and found a huge school of thread fin herring. We quickly filled the libels and proceeded further offshore to a buoy. Where I found something really nice there we use there.

You see him right. There see right there. He’s right there, just chilling, so you eat it. Oh go beyond [ Music, ], nice, thirty pounder dude, hey that’s me on the way for tuna fish. Get me a cobia, get him! Yes, man catching babes! On a nice Kobe, on the buoy there, the second we came out myself Luther he’s going.

I thought it was actually little bigger, but well take him that’s. Our tuna dinner. We got to Kobe off the buoy. There are some triple toe there as well, so we’re gonna get a live from in Haven right now get back on that booty.

I’m gonna pitch Lyman here rain for the trip to Tennessee if they eat it. Like that we go got him, got him nice, one dude! Well, another told me Headroom, they’re gonna throw me out, get a lot. They get a lot, they get all bad us on our cookie in there dude gonna pipe it gonna play what if it’s like a second per second.

Yes, yes play him, get this the jacket, the gap in the gap you lost them. You might come back dude. He’s, a Bowie fish little guy right, there, 15 inches Blake. I don’t know. If this one’s legal go, let him grow, hey buddy, after catching the cobia and tripletail stemcell.

We proceeded to go further offshore to our tuna spots on the way there we found a floating tree and there were thousands of fish swimming underneath it. I saw two really nice mahi swimming around the tree.

I quickly grabbed a bait pitch it in there and the mahi got fired up. He’s even easy easy. There we go baby there. We go all right. Look at that dolphin right there. Nice 115 pounds I’ve, got some great footage of him swimming around the rack and there’s more down there guys let’s catch up.

Well, we just pulled the mahi off this thing. I don’t know where they offload the tree or something that mark and set me down deep. There’s, probably a walkway down there, this egg down right here this guy, you’ll, see beat it here.

We go wahoo time Nancy’s; 3040 [ Music, ], [, Music, ] on the jig on the jig, got it done that’s, a Wahoo right there, not a China one, but we know there’s more than one Dude I knew that bro I knew it had to be Oahu.

We tried catching more dolphin in wahoo, but they weren’t biting, so we decided to pack it up and had fifty miles further offshore to a drilling ship. With a tuna where we started marking fish really good, so we put out our live baits and within a few hours we were hooked up to a giant big tuna on big tuna.

You’ve, been looking. I’m. Writing look at the bunnies don’t mess with the drag don’t. Even look at the drag go indeed. I just puked like twice the winds picked up huge everything just got big. We just put on a live thread fin and we are tight.

This is a good fish right here. It’s, a really good fish; first yelping right here; first big, yellow fin. I’m, loving it. I love fish that can just humble you catch small fish all day the big fish that took that pusher live at your physical and mental limits.

This fish took easily 200 yards wrestling of line on that first run ages. It dumped almost the entire real, so bad. It took two 200 yards in 20 seconds, oh yeah, good, being out what I like about here is there’s, no sharks that are eating your fish.

You don’t feel like super stressed out. Oh, I got it land it as fast as possible, or else is gonna eat in they get some progress here. We got him at 150. I’m good. We can do a hospice, as you said there’s, a bigger plate.

Oh, that one yeah beautiful turquoise, why don’t use that one? Oh, it’s, so much better. It’s actually, sitting on my legs now try for a little bit turn alright. There you go perfect really. That would either greenie huh not gonna lie there.

You go, I’m, so hungry dude did it my mighty just to know when he comes up coming, you can come and you can come. I don’t like this at all. It’s very strange, looks like he’s, getting eat it or something don’t act.

Weird like that. I keep that line tight, that’s, the most important thing it’s, getting close to you. We’re, getting very close. Now. I just love how there’s, no sharks, you’re trying to eat me. The only doesn’t come here.

Is there a giant Marlin yeah back up a little bit back up? Go we’re, pulling against him guys I literally puked twice before I look at this fish like mmm big-time sea sickness, like monster boat? Well, let me tell you puke and you keep going you never give up don’t.

Let the weather beat you down. You got to keep fighting you never know when you hook this big fish. Okay, this setting is closer to hundred pounds good night bij space, something dude Jamaica mangosteen. We’re gonna make a little run, and then you’re gonna be able to probably gain song after that.

Looking extra heavy, you almost got to wrap or something along your finances for 30 minutes. Oh easy! That’s! Crazy, get to a point where who’s gonna? Let you gain 30 40 foot, real quick! You got ta take advantage when he does rope 50 feet for the first time level.

Now Gary light tackle, they are magic. We had 200 pound morrow and we’ll, be over with. We were a wreck. This fish. Unfortunately, they won’t eat that now all right, small boats, it’s all either there’s that run.

I want to try to keep the boat still for cam, that’s. Every time we’re getting on the motors, he’s yeah every time he’s at my p.m. the hours pulling harder. So we’re gonna sit still that’ll, be there.

He is, we got him. He’s, big dude, nice fish doing his counterclockwise turns every time you know in the southern hemisphere that they turn clockwise come on: yeah, yeah, Wow, nice and easy big boy. How you doing, I literally was at a nine point, five to ten and seasickness and puke.

I was just dry, he being dry heaving. I was puking while that fish hit the line. I took every ounce of strength on me because I had no strength in me when I hit it. I just that was just pure adrenaline and passion right there, that’s, all that’s.

What brought that fish to the vote? And oh my god debating where we go back to catch more, are we go in and celebrating and then we got before the best eating fish in the world. Over there we got cobia, we got wahoo, we got dolphin and we got yellowfin tuna.

Then we got the whole range cover there and from the eating fish like it’s, gonna be a good meal. Gon na be a good man. We got ta get some rice and some veggies that’s. All we need, I think I think we’re, really good everything else.

We got it yeah. Now we’re gonna go back catch one! Let’s, see I was cold. I said we gave it 30 minutes cuz that’s, a five minutes with that fish, and then we’re going good cuz. I’m about to die there you go.

We got a lot of tuna meat, one tuna, that’s, that’s 80 pounds of meat in that they wan na meet. So after we caught the big tuna, we went back and try to catch more tuna and the weather got really really bad.

So we packed everything up headed in got the bed at what like midnight close to it. Yeah yeah give it to him. I’m, still pretty tired yeah. We’ll wore out. Oh what a day, though, here we go, we got a Wahoo, we got a dolphin, we got a cove yeah.

Have you got a hundred bucks finding elephant a pelagic slam dude before we close the video? If we have to wait it’s, we know, but before we weigh the tuna guys to tell you got a huge thanks. My buddy Blake here my buddy Casey Casey, brought this pie line with him as his boat tie line.

Do this thirty six five Tyler hundred officers? Oh, you guys want us to check out. Tie line, goes the link in the description we’re gonna film. Some shows on our 23/5. washing machine repairs We’ll, get that back in Florida, but we had official 36 5 Casey did appreciate you.

No problem guys damn it, he picked the tuna up all by himself. I got man that’s available dude. That was impressive, Blake captain Blake, if you guys, are in Louisiana Gelfand tuna, it’s, the guy. You call right here.

Captain look at that face that face is designed for yellowfin tuna. Thank you good. Yes, sir, you were born the surgical that’s. All right. Do you guys wan na catch big tuna, Blake link in the description? Thank you guys for watching this video make sure you that, like button subscribe and we & # 39, ll see you next time, good yep.

If we go what’s, the best guess, weird Josh, I say box and look to you there you can. I can’t. Do that yeah? What’s 21, these guys 121 biggest tuna of my life. Very nice got a good one: [ Music, ], [, Music, ]

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