Health Benefits of Green Papaya

Green papaya

Hi guys this is violet and welcome to listen to your body. You know I’m here and I said I’m gonna take care of my papaya salad, but if you let me, come and show the family some help benefit consuming green papaya green papaya is you know I have so much Help benefit to it guys.

I know we’re familiar with like, but the ripe papaya. This is nothing. This is not green. This is right. I like to burn my papaya green, so you know what I like to grab it myself, just something I like to do like burn green food.

My I would call the green mango green, so I can ripen myself so the difference between the ripe one and the green one, the green one. You know it’s, you look at it. The skin is very green and it’s. Not the inside it’s white compared to the the rotten papaya it’s, yellow guys there’s, so much help benefit consuming green papaya.

I’m gonna dish. It ten health benefit. You know what you guys: it’s high in vitamin C. It’s. High potassium mnngosteen capsules is high in fiber magnesium. It’s, a minimum amount of cows. If you’re. Looking to you know, weight loss very good.

It aids in digestion it’s high and digestive enzyme, which is this is what we need digestive enzyme to help break down some of these arm food. You know, especially the one that we allergic to it’s very high anti-inflammatory properties, very, very high.

So if you have like asthma arthritis, you know that’s, something that you want to consume. I’m, the green papaya. It helped with constipation. So if you’re in conservation problem, it worked. It worked both ways for constipation.

Also, if you have diarrhea seeing us, it worked both ways: it’s good for skin infection, so like psoriasis, acne, skin, pigmentation, freckles or inflamed skin. You know so it’s good for to apply it on your skin, like a mass.

Like a skin kit, like I’m, you know you could do creeper power, like maybe with some brown sugar, and I’m gonna do get back to my skincare routine and don’t video. You know doing the green papaya it’s, you know for us.

Ladies. It’s good for men, strong pain, so this is good to consume. You know to help us. We need that menstrual pain helps regulate. Like I said, a ball movement, digestion is good for acid reflux, heartburn good for gastric problem as well.

It’s also low in sodium, so it’s very good to help you watching your sodium intake, the good fruit to take, and it helps in weight loss. If you watching your weight, you know because the sugar content – and this is very you – know – lops – you know very low, so this green is not ripen yet so it’s very, very good for that.

So I just want to come in and show you guys some help benefit. You know consuming green papaya. I was at the store agent market. We bought this form and this lady she came in this. Yes, I forgot what she had some kind of ailment.

She haven’t. She was she bought it green papaya and she said she’d, been taking it and I forgot what she had it, but it was helping them. So I know that the green papaya is very, very powerful. The Viper Piatt the seeds in here I use the seeds so the for the ripe papaya and the Cedars black and the green papaya seeds soursop leaves or white.

So what is a lot of help benefit? Also it good for digestion if you have IBD. This is a food that is a must it’s; a must, must must my friend also with the green one, and I’ll, and I use this because of my ology to cabbage.

So, instead of using the cabbage of my coleslaw, I use the green papaya for my coleslaw cut up just to replace the cabbage the same way. You do your coleslaw, you just have your papaya. So just wan na come in and show you guys some health benefits of consuming green papaya soap.

You guys aren’t start, you know, do some research, you know we papaya the health benefit and hope you like this video share and subscribe thanks for watching

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