3 Benefits of Martial Arts in Everyday Life


I tell people it’s, an addendum to education. So, and you know you have to go to school. Well, then, the martial arts becomes basically a subcategory of that extra education. It’s, it’s, it’s, a it’s, something that can make you better at soccer.

It can make you better at baseball not only physically but mentally, and we work at you know you see in my patch there’s, a triangle. The triangle represents mind body and spirit. It also represents balance because the triangle is the strongest geometrical shape, because each side holds the other side’s up right.

So with that balance of mind body and spirit, you have a really nice, strong human being a nice soul. My spirit and I think that the gift of martial arts cannot only like obviously strengthen you physically, but it can also very much affect your spirit and your mind so again that inadvertently, I think, affects things like basketball.

The way you look at your coach way, you respect your coaches directions. The way you approach the practice, the you know, with with your, if you’re, if you’re playing your basketball games, and you have that driven attitude that martial arts can give you that affect on your basketball game.

If you have that, I’m, never going to give up attitude that martial arts can give you, when you’re, doing your math and you hate math. You know that’s, a gift. You know the fact that really dislike this, but I’m not going to give up, because martial arts probably never to give up it’s, a blackbelt taekwondo attitude.

So I think, just just the general training of the mind body and spirit and just in general can affect anything and everything in your life. You know it’s just up to you to be creative with that energy.

You know even with the mom and dad respect, you have a lot of problems right now, in my opinion, with parenting, everybody wants to be their kids Prince and when I was a kid, my parents were very specific.

I’m, not your friend. I’m, your parent, and so a lot of kids right now. Have this a lack of respect because they don’t fear their parents any longer. Little bit of fear goes a long way and I think the martial arts gives that authoritative or spayed you end up respecting that authority, not fearing it as much like it’s, not so much.

Oh my gosh, this guy’s, going to slap me. It’s. It’s about. I want to make this person proud and something I’ve been talking a lot recently to my kids, about in my program is stop stop worrying about the materialistic reward of.

If you do, if you’re able to do the splits judo I’ll, give you dispatch, think about making my story as a teacher, proud, your mom and dad proud and, most importantly, your self proud. You know start letting that be the big reward and not the materialistic part of the martial arts, so I mean the answer and gentleness is yes: it’s, a huge gift and can definitely be applied to just about anything in your life.

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