How To Treat Your Dog’s Minor Injuries At Home

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[, Music, ] hello. I’m Rebecca about at PBOC. It can be really worrying when you notice that your pet has a cut or scratch or lacking up their paws rubbing an eye or being sick. You could think of pets a bit like young children.

Well, they do get bumps and scrapes for which we can provide simple. First aid: it’s, important to know when to get expert care and to do this without delay. If you & # 39, re worried enough to be looking it up on the internet, it’s, definitely worth a quick call to your vet practice to get their expert opinion.

We would always recommend getting about to check anything more than a very simple truth, be careful to a pet meat guard to saw part of their body and can react aggressively to protect themselves. If you try to handle them to take extra care, when you’re check-in, the mover it’s, also important to remember it’s better, to be safe than sorry and to make sure your pet is insured an unexpected Vet bill can add, stress and already difficult situation having pet insurance for your dog can give you added peace of mind.

Having a birthday box to hand is a good idea. One of the car is often very useful too. Just in case of any accidents or injuries were noting about on one. If you do need to apply a bandage to wound it’s very important, not to apply it too tightly and take your pet to the vet without delay.

So here are a few examples of things that you might want to have in your first aid box. Firstly, we & # 39. Ve got some gloves here, but you might want to wear Foster’s, dog grooming cleaning out any smaller tool, wounds or abrasions.

We’ve got some antiseptic, wash just follow the instructions and on there are one here. You would dole it with a little bit of water first and then use the cotton wheel just to clean out and the little wound we & # 39.

Ve got some dressings here as well, and so, if you & # 39, ve got a bleeding wound. You may want to apply a little dressing before you put the bandaging on to got physical bandages here. It also got a little bit of tape here, just a fixed advantage in place and some scissors to cut the dressing once that’s on and another last thing you might want to have would be and little pet remover is just in case your Dog picks up attack on a walk, and if you’re, not sure how to use these, and just always ask your vet or vet nurse, and they’ll help you and you cannot just keep an available handy box and that keeps Everything together already just in case you should need it first day of do is in doing don’t panic.

If your pet is injured, you’ll, be more able to help them. If you still can do call your vet straight away, explain what happened and see when you will arrive if it’s out those normal working hours, you may get a message with details of your local Otis over veterinary service.

Don’t. Try to deal with serious injuries yourself that could put you or your pet in danger and ended. Animal may bite or lash out when MP, causing further complications. Don’t, give your pet patient anything to eat or drink.

Unless the vet tells you to do so, they may require surgery or eating could cause further complication, be prepared for emergencies. It could save a life, keep your vet name address and telephone number websites stored in your mobile or next to the landline phone.

Remember, although some vets provide a tavares care on-site, you practice mediator back to a different location, so it’s. Important to be aware what services that pervades and where you would need to go an emergency call the vet first don’t dash along to the practice without falling the vet may need to give you faithful advice or get the operating theater prepared.

Keep a pet first aid kit at home and with you when you are traveling, I hope that’s been useful for more pet care tips. Take a look at our other videos. Only [ Music, ]

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