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 Australia Loves Fishing is a Forum for all Australians who love fishing. Articles on this forum should inform, educate and above all entertain. You too can have your say by submitting articles. recipes and tips to be enjoyed by your fellow fishing lovers. We also encourage you to advertise your club, restaurant or accommodation that is angler friendly. Please do submit an article, picture or video.

Individuals can submit articles on:

  • Australia Loves Fishing

    Australia Loves Fishing

    Techniques you have developed or discovered that may enhance their fishing.

  • Locations you have visited and had some success, where to go and what to watch out for.
  • Describe the best accommodation you have found in a particular area.
  • Fishing recipes that you think others will enjoy.
  • Fishing Clubs in your area or an area that you have visited,
  • Your latest extraordinary fishing expedition (Braggers Corner), or
  • Any other article that you believe will be of interest to other anglers.

Fishing Clubs can submit articles on:

  • A description of their Club and its facilities.
  • Articles on upcoming events like championships, barbeques and fundraisers.
  • Articles on recent events with images and videos of the event.

Experts can submit articles that will educate others, passing on their expertise to those who have not yet attained their level of skill. Articles and videos on:

  • How best to bait a hook for a particular king of fish
  • Where, in their neck of the woods, are the best fishing spots, or
  • Evaluation of the latest fishing tackle innovation. You choose and any other area of expertise.

Australia Loves Fishing will also publish articles that we believe will be of interest to Fisher Folk.

Although we will not necessarily publish every article, the only rule is that you recognize that this is a family forum and only positive, family-friendly articles will be published. Do not rubbish an accommodation establishment, a fishing club or an individual. Fishing is for enjoyment, be positive.

We encourage you to submit your articles, images (limit of 6 of your best) or videos. Videos should be loaded to and all we need is the link. Australia Loves Fishing is your fishing forum so enjoy the articles and please submit some yourself.

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