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washing machine repairs

All right, the project at hand right now is fixing this washing machines. The problem is that the water will not shut off, so you can see when I turn the water on that’s. What it’s supposed to do now. This right here that should completely stop it, but it will never completely stop and it will spill out and flood the whole floor and the reason this happened is because the well here recently kicked up some muddy water and that clogged up the valve.

That turns this. On and off so I’ve, already turned it on and off a bunch of times in the attempt that it may rinse itself out and fix itself, but it’s, not doing that. Let’s. First figure out what side it is, so these are labeled, hot and cold.

This is cold on the left and I put money on it being the cold side, because usually sediment won’t make it through the water heater and it is. It stops completely okay, let’s, not look everything and pull this out and fix it.

Okay, who’s right here all right! So here is the valve right in there that won’t shut off. So looks like to take this apart. Guess the top comes off and I’ll figure it out. Yeah I don’t, see how this comes apart.

[, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ] other washes were just this thing comes out like there’s a door here, alright, the way to order parts tree for probably anything so you wouldn’t type in Kenmore or whatever this Thing is usually just look for a number right on this, because actually you know what I’m gonna.

Do I’m, not even gonna look for a number. I’m, just gonna type in washing machine valve plumbers. Alright, first thing that looks like it right. There see the plugs the same though the plugs are pretty different.

This one alright here it is right here, 11 bucks. You look the same close. This thing was in here somehow, but yeah. Look at that who doesn’t know all right that’s, all together, pretty good a few new few new self stoppers hold together.

You know what I should have done was just cut this right out right here. That’s. How that should have been designed in the first place you alright, let’s, try it out now! So let’s put it on our in sweet.

Well, I thought seemed like that’s coming in the wrong spot like very wrong. All right that goes right there that leak on the ground shuts right off. It seems like it’s fixed now it’s running the water shuts off all the way, all right, so that’s fixed, let’s.

Go take care of the reason why this broke in the first place. Power went out the other day and the generator would not run this pump for whatever reason. So luckily, there’s, two water systems in each building and they are tied together with this hose here.

So I open this valve and use the water from the other building. So we’ll go out there see now this one here has a filter, keep sediment out. So then I switch to this water pump. For whatever reason, a generator is fine running this.

So the way this is set up, these two lines go to the shallow. Well then, once the pump pumps up it pumps it into here, then here’s, the storage tank. Then we have a few there’s. All the outputs in here and then here’s, the output to the house.

So it’s, a good system, so those two buildings on this property, each one with its own well and own pump, and if either one of the wells or pumps has a problem, it could just run off the other building until the other pump Gets fixed so I had been running off the house pump with its own filter, but then, when I switched to this one, there was no filter on it and a little bit of dirt clogged up that machine.

So let’s. Add a filter to this pump. First, we’ll turn that off, because that would be even with this on plug that would constantly feed water to it and run all the water out. [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ], oops.

All right! All right so that’s, all fixed! That’s good to have that filter on there, because a lot of appliances like washing machine dishwasher, toilets stuff like that, does not like having sediment go through them.

So a cheap filter litigation like that. Can prevent, for example, a toilet running and then the people ignoring the toilet running and then the leach field getting ruined or from not having a $ 35 filter all right.

So here we are a week later. I’m, actually revisiting this project because this filter it’s. Just bugging me that I can’t see what’s going on inside of it. I got this one here, pretty much the same thing, but you can see in there.

First let’s drain the water. The threads are way different on this one. So you know I like about this. I’m positive. That’s in there right, the other one it could have been jammed up against the side.

You never even know it [ Music ]. Oh that’s all done. I feel better about switching that out that didn’t. Take that long, right, Levi, hey, alright, let’s, go work on something else.

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